Month: March 2015

How to Stay Sharp before the next Hunting Season

Even during the offseason you can still get in some practice and hone your skills when it comes to duck hunting, giving you an edge when things start up again. At Pluck a Duck, we want to ensure you have the best duck hunting experience possible, and that typically involves actually hitting your targets. Take… Read more »

Reasons to Go Hunting

If you’ve never gone hunting before, duck and goose hunting is a great place to start. But if you’ve never tried hunting for whatever reason, you may be wondering why you should start now. We’re here to tell you that there are many reasons why everyone should try hunting at least once in their lives…. Read more »

A Brief History of Waterfowl Decoys

People have been hunting ducks and other types of waterfowl for thousands of years, but the art of hunting as evolved dramatically over time. Of course, when people first began hunting ducks, decoys were not used. So just how did the concept of creating a decoy come about? We’re here to go over the history… Read more »