Month: October 2015

Using Hunting Game Cameras as Home Security Systems

Let’s take a break from hunting news. As you’re well aware, especially if you follow our blog, we talk a lot about the world of Arkansas hunting. Of course we do, but we don’t really touch upon anything else, but we should, because hunting game cameras are being used as home security systems – and… Read more »

The Biggest Mistakes Duck Hunters Can Make

Any time you venture out on a duck hunting trip you should prepare to have a fun and enjoyable day. No matter how successful you are, duck hunting can be an incredibly fun and exciting activity. Of course, any hunting trip is better when you actually are able to locate, track, and hit the game… Read more »

How Weather Conditions Affect Duck Hunting

Any time you go duck hunting, there are many things you have control over. From the quality of your gear to how familiar you are with your gun, it’s up to you to be as prepared as possible. Of course, there are several aspects of duck hunting that you won’t have a say in, including… Read more »