Month: September 2016

Reasons To Go Waterfowl Hunting With A Professional Guide

Waterfowl hunting is a very exciting experience. Starting in October and running through February, hunting for bird species is both a challenge and a thrill. Some may choose to embark on a waterfowl hunt alone, while others choose to plan a hunt with a group of people. The one tricky component of waterfowl hunting is… Read more »

Arkansas is a Wonderful State to Visit

Trying to go on vacation at least once a year is a terrific thing to aim for. However, many people wonder “where should I go”? If you want to visit a place with plenty to do and see in the great outdoors, then you should consider going to Arkansas. Arkansas is known as The Natural… Read more »

Get Started Early on Waterfowl Hunting Season

Waterfowl hunting typically begins toward the end of October and runs through the month of February; however, waterfowl hunters in 2016 will be able to hunt Canada goose from now until the end of the month, and teal from now until September 25th. The early start to waterfowl hunting season is a pleasant surprise to… Read more »

An Overview of Waterfowl Hunting Rules in Arkansas

Waterfowl hunting is around the corner next month and hunters in Arkansas are gearing up and honing in on their skills. It is always wise to double-check your state’s hunting website to make sure there are no new regulations you need to follow. The state of Arkansas has explicit standards and regulations for waterfowl hunters… Read more »

What Are The Best Snacks To Pack When Hunting?

There is no doubt that you will get hungry while out in the wilderness hunting. The sport of hunting is an all encompassing adventure that often starts early in the morning, usually before sunrise, and ends late in the day. Even though you may not mind be a “sitting duck” for a while, you will… Read more »

A Brief Overview of The Merganser Bird

The Merganser duck is a beautiful member of the bird species and is known for their large bodies and majestic markings. Merganser ducks are most commonly found on large rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Male and female merganser ducks are easily distinguishable, as the males have clean white bodies with dark green heads, and a slender… Read more »

Things to Keep in Mind When Duck Calling

If you had told me some years ago a show about duck calls could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue I’d reply, “There’s no way that could happen.” But happen, it did. The A&E cable TV show Duck Dynasty first hit the air in 2012, and has been popular ever since. The show… Read more »

America Has Seen A Rise In Waterfowl Population

Duck hunting season for this year is quite promising, as wildlife groups are indicating a large number of waterfowl should be in play. Research and data reports from aerial surveys designed to assess the breeding populations of North America’s 10 most popular duck species estimate a population of 48.4 million birds. These surveys look at… Read more »

Tips to Get Ready For Duck Season

Duck season will be approaching soon with October just around the corner, and hunters are already beginning to gear up. Duck hunting is a fairly long season, ranging from the beginning of October to early February. You will be able to spend many days and weeks in the highly populated duck areas, and will hopefully… Read more »