Spectra Shot for All Your Hunting with Friends

If you have ever been out hunting with friends, especially before the dawn, then you have likely ran into the situation of everyone shooting at a particular waterfowl and then claiming it when it does take the shot. It can be impossible to determine who actually got the shot sometimes, especially when you can’t resort… Read more »

Upcoming Duck Season

It’s an exciting time of year for the hunting family here at Pluck A Duck LLC. Recently, the dates for the upcoming duck season have been announced, giving us plenty to look forward to in the coming months. For the 18th time in a row, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission elected to allow a… Read more »

Ammo Shortage

Planning ahead to make sure that you’re well stocked for your hunting expedition can keep an anticipated getaway from turning into frustration over a lack of supplies. The 20,000 acres of property available through Pluck A Duck offers plenty of opportunities to take shots at game birds. Keeping a good inventory of ammunition on hand… Read more »

Don’t Forget About Duck Decoys!

  Duck decoys are an important part of the game. They provide comfort to ducks in the illusion that other ducks are already in the target area. So, no matter how convincingly the decoy was crafted, if it becomes worn or develops leaks, birds will know that it is not real. Duck decoy maintenance and… Read more »

Information on Waterfowl Dietary Preferences

Good hunters have the equipment and know the tactics. Great hunters know their game. We’ve put together some information on waterfowl dietary preferences in order to better prepare you to seek them out in their most likely environments. Waterfowl diets are about as varied as they can get. While surviving on mostly aquatic plants, there… Read more »

A Duck Call Should be Used as a Tool

Duck calls are an effective tool during a hunt – if they’re used well. We’ve come up with a list of the five biggest mistakes hunters can make with their calling during a hunt, according to the four top duck callers in the world: Fred Zink, Rod Haydel, Christian Curtis, and Jim Ronquest. Zink says… Read more »

Geese Make a Phenomenal Addition to Any Table

Whether you’re a seasoned duck hunter or just starting out, Waterfowl Flyaway Inc. will do everything in its power to assure that you not only have a great experience, but also have some game to take home. It’s snow geese season and the only question is: what are you going to do with your catch?… Read more »

The Hunting Industry in Arkansas

The numbers are in, and the hunting industry in Arkansas looks as though it’s as busy as ever. The Pluck-A-Duck Lodge is happy to find out that so many state residents still get out to many public and private hunting reserves every year to track duck, deer and other game. If you’re looking for a… Read more »

Migration Patterns for Geese

Migration patterns for geese are a favorite topic among outdoorsmen, and with decades of research from biological scientists, we now have a great knowledge of where geese spend the winter months. Many are well aware that the Gulf Coast off of Texas is a major winter migrational grounds for all species of wild geese migrating… Read more »

Pluck-A-Duck Lodge Hopes to See You in 2014

Everyone knows that Arkansas makes for a great hunting grounds for duck, and many regions of the state are chock full of healthy mallards during this time of the year. Duck hunters are a special breed who like to experience a unique getaway, complete with a lodge, cozy atmosphere and lots of camaraderie with other… Read more »