Duck Hunts

On Dec. 23, 1956, 4 million viewers of NBC’s Wide Wide World, hosted by Dave Garroway, watched one of the most amazing hunting shows ever broadcast on live television. An estimated 300,000 mallards were sitting on the Claypool Reservoir in northeast Arkansas’ Poinsett County when the broadcast started at 3:14 p.m. — 40 acres completely covered with birds that were cleverly maneuvered into place by Game and Fish wildlife officers in boats. After a blast of TNT the sky turned

dark with Mallards, literally blocked the sun. This footage and photos are the most famous and memorable moments in duck hunting history. This took Arkansas hunting to a new height and crowned Arkansas ducks as the king of the states.




Pluck A Duck’s Duck Habitat

Nestled along the L’anguille River ,30 miles to the south of Claypool lies Pluck A Duck Lodge, an outfitter est. 1987 that takes duck hunting back to days of old. Our duck hunting guides are the best in the business with over 150 years of experience between us we have the knowledge and work et

hic to show you what makes Arkansas so famous for Waterfowl. They will guide through our over six

thousand acres of prime duck hunting habitat which includes Green Timber, Cypress Breaks, Buck Brush Sloughs, rice,corn,soybean,milo field to WRP wetlands and marshes that have been planted in Japanese millet for unbelievable duck habitat. We are always scouting and managing or population of ducks to insure the upmost success for our guests. We don’t stop work in the off-season we are constantly working ground, developing new habitat, building new blinds, and acquiring new ground for the comfort and success of our clientele.

Our Experience and Yours

Our 30 plus years in the industry has taught us how to turn the new client (you) into a life long relationship and valued customer. We treat our guest as if they have been a friend for many years. Our hospitality is bar none the best in the industry. We make sure you walk away feeling we made your visit the most successful and enjoyable that we can possibly provide. If you aren’t satisfied with the service we provided you, you are protected by our Name Your Price Guarantee. We are so confident in our product and service that at the end of your stay if you aren’t happy with how we handled your vistit and didn’t go above and beyond for your group, I’ll personally sit down and you can tell me exactly what our service was worth to you and that will be your total for the trip.

What are You Waiting for?

Grab your loyal companion, your trusted shotgun, call your hunting buddies and head down to experience duck hunting in Arkansas, that only Pluck A Duck can provide. Let us take care of you and show you an experience only written in the pages of a Nash Buckingham Book. See you this Season.


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