Specklebelly Goose Hunts

Are you interested in going on an action-packed, exciting hunting trip? If yes, specklebelly goose hunts in Arkansas are prefect for you!

As a family-owned lodge, Pluck-A-Duck has had the privilege of hosting hunters of a wide range of skill levels over the years. We have over 20,000 acres of private hunting, and among the different species you’ll find on our property are specklebelly geese. Our guides love hosting fellow hunters, and we start each morning with a continental breakfast before going on a specklebelly hunting excursion!

Specklebelly geese are among the most vocal waterfowl, making them a fun a species to hunt. In fact, some people refer to them as “laughing geese” because their calls sound like a laugh or a yodel.

Best of all, the meat white-fronted goose if renowned for its superior texture and taste, ensuring you’ll have some excellent meals headed your way.

Hunting Specklebelly Goose in Arkansas

Although they are similar to size of snow geese and other species, specklebelly goose are identified when in flight by their black barred chests. Specklebelly geese are typically found in mucky areas, and our expert guides have the experience and expertise to lead you to the best places for success.

Because specklebelly geese are adept at avoiding human intrusion, proper decoy is essential. Hunters should be well hidden, and the right distance away from their shot. Our guides will be there to help you every step of the way. Harvesting specklebelly geese can be challenging; however, Pluck-A-Duck can take you to our local processer who will have your meat neatly packaged for you when it’s time for you to leave.

Specks are probably the most enjoyable bird to hunt in the sky. They respond to a call like a Canada, decoy like a duck, but as smart as a snow goose. This bird has it all… not to mention the table far of a specklebelly is bar none the best meat of any waterfowl only comparable to the Sandhills crane. It is the true “ribeye of the sky”.

If you would like to learn more about our white-fronted goose hunting services in Arkansas, or if you would like to reserve a date for your group, contact us today.

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