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An Overview of Waterfowl Hunting Rules in Arkansas

Waterfowl hunting is around the corner next month and hunters in Arkansas are gearing up and honing in on their skills. It is always wise to double-check your state’s hunting website to make sure there are no new regulations you need to follow. The state of Arkansas has explicit standards and regulations for waterfowl hunters… Read more »

Things to Keep in Mind When Duck Calling

If you had told me some years ago a show about duck calls could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue I’d reply, “There’s no way that could happen.” But happen, it did. The A&E cable TV show Duck Dynasty first hit the air in 2012, and has been popular ever since. The show… Read more »

The Benefits of Duck Hunting

Hunting is fun and adventurous, as well as a great way to stockpile your freezer with tasty game meat. As a primal skill dating back to pretty much the beginning of time, hunting has remained a top source for food and competition during prime hunting months. The debates go back and forth between hunters on… Read more »

Tips for Picking Out Hunting Attire

For hunters, the clothing they wear needs to be practical and useful. It’s not a fashion show. Deep pockets are good. Ruggedness works. Hunting is not done in tank tops and flip flops. Picking out hunting attire involves choosing the right clothing and accessories so you’ll be comfortable enough spending time outdoors in different weather… Read more »

Keep Yourself Clean during Arkansas Duck Season

There is a lot more that goes into hunting than simply hitting up the outdoors and tracking your prey. It is a multifaceted experience that demands all of your attention. This is for your own safety but also staying safe is the easiest way to have a good experience when you are hunting. You have… Read more »

Dates for the 2015-16 Dove Hunting Season

As is always the case, the time has come once again! Earlier this month, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission announced the dates for the 2015-16 dove hunting season, so get those gears turning because the season will be here before you know it and you don’t want to be caught unprepared and miss some… Read more »

Gun Ownership in Arkansas

At Pluck A Duck LLC, we’re proud of Arkansas’s hunting heritage and so is the state as a whole, especially if recent statistics according to Business Insider is taken into consideration. According to Business Insider, Arkansas ranks as the second highest state for gun ownership. That is certainly a lot of guns and proves that… Read more »

The Hunting Industry in Arkansas

The numbers are in, and the hunting industry in Arkansas looks as though it’s as busy as ever. The Pluck-A-Duck Lodge is happy to find out that so many state residents still get out to many public and private hunting reserves every year to track duck, deer and other game. If you’re looking for a… Read more »

Migration Patterns for Geese

Migration patterns for geese are a favorite topic among outdoorsmen, and with decades of research from biological scientists, we now have a great knowledge of where geese spend the winter months. Many are well aware that the Gulf Coast off of Texas is a major winter migrational grounds for all species of wild geese migrating… Read more »

Pluck-A-Duck Lodge Hopes to See You in 2014

Everyone knows that Arkansas makes for a great hunting grounds for duck, and many regions of the state are chock full of healthy mallards during this time of the year. Duck hunters are a special breed who like to experience a unique getaway, complete with a lodge, cozy atmosphere and lots of camaraderie with other… Read more »