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How Hunting Helps the Economy

Hunting helps the American economy. Even though it may not seem like big business, hunting supports more than 680,000 jobs and has an annual impact of some $38 billion on the economy. Think about it: hunting involves sales of tags and licenses. It gets people outdoors, helps with wildlife improvement efforts, requires all sorts of… Read more »

Gun Ownership in Arkansas

At Pluck A Duck LLC, we’re proud of Arkansas’s hunting heritage and so is the state as a whole, especially if recent statistics according to Business Insider is taken into consideration. According to Business Insider, Arkansas ranks as the second highest state for gun ownership. That is certainly a lot of guns and proves that… Read more »

Reasons to Hunt in Arkansas

The laws and regulations regarding hunting vary from state to state, as do the type of game that is available to hunt. Fortunately, we can confidently say that Arkansas is one of the best places in the entire country to go hunting, whether you’re after duck, deer, or even black bears. In fact, Arkansas has… Read more »

Tips for Hunting Geese

You can still hunt geese during the month of April, so we’re here to provide you with a few tips to help you get the most out of this time. Geese are similar to many other birds when it comes to hunting, but there are also a few unique differences. Whether you’ve never gone goose… Read more »

Goose Hunting Tips

Goose hunting season is here, which means it’s time to head back out and bring home some geese. Whether you have never been goose hunting before or you’ve been doing it for years, we’re here to help you get the most out of this season. Take advantage of the following tips and you can expect… Read more »

Duck Hunting in Winter

There is nothing quite like the experience of hunting duck on a crisp winter day. However, know that things can get pretty cold out there, especially during extended hunts late in the season. Not only is it important to pack the right hunting supplies to nab the perfect duck, but you should also come equipped… Read more »

Duck Hunting Kick-Off

Arkansas was flooded this past weekend with thousands of travelers, and many return hunters for the new duck hunting season. And it provides an interesting look into what kind of boost duck hunting has to the local economy when these kick-off events happen for a new season. Although the numbers won’t be nearly as high… Read more »

Geese Make a Phenomenal Addition to Any Table

Whether you’re a seasoned duck hunter or just starting out, Waterfowl Flyaway Inc. will do everything in its power to assure that you not only have a great experience, but also have some game to take home. It’s snow geese season and the only question is: what are you going to do with your catch?… Read more »

The Hunting Industry in Arkansas

The numbers are in, and the hunting industry in Arkansas looks as though it’s as busy as ever. The Pluck-A-Duck Lodge is happy to find out that so many state residents still get out to many public and private hunting reserves every year to track duck, deer and other game. If you’re looking for a… Read more »

Migration Patterns for Geese

Migration patterns for geese are a favorite topic among outdoorsmen, and with decades of research from biological scientists, we now have a great knowledge of where geese spend the winter months. Many are well aware that the Gulf Coast off of Texas is a major winter migrational grounds for all species of wild geese migrating… Read more »