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Tips for Saving Money for a Hunting Trip

What are some tips for saving money on a hunting trip? For starters, when gas prices rise and it costs you upwards of $3 or $4 per gallon to go anywhere, consider hunting closer to home, rather than taking a long trip to somewhere far from home. Look for places to hunt within a 25-mile… Read more »

Duck Hunting in Winter

There is nothing quite like the experience of hunting duck on a crisp winter day. However, know that things can get pretty cold out there, especially during extended hunts late in the season. Not only is it important to pack the right hunting supplies to nab the perfect duck, but you should also come equipped… Read more »

The Hunting Industry in Arkansas

The numbers are in, and the hunting industry in Arkansas looks as though it’s as busy as ever. The Pluck-A-Duck Lodge is happy to find out that so many state residents still get out to many public and private hunting reserves every year to track duck, deer and other game. If you’re looking for a… Read more »

Migration Patterns for Geese

Migration patterns for geese are a favorite topic among outdoorsmen, and with decades of research from biological scientists, we now have a great knowledge of where geese spend the winter months. Many are well aware that the Gulf Coast off of Texas is a major winter migrational grounds for all species of wild geese migrating… Read more »

Pluck-A-Duck Lodge Hopes to See You in 2014

Everyone knows that Arkansas makes for a great hunting grounds for duck, and many regions of the state are chock full of healthy mallards during this time of the year. Duck hunters are a special breed who like to experience a unique getaway, complete with a lodge, cozy atmosphere and lots of camaraderie with other… Read more »

Duck Hunting in Arkansas

Nowadays, it seems like health is impossible. Between the stresses of day-to-day living – job, family or money woes – healthy living is an impossible dream. How can we ever expect to be physically healthy when our spiritual and mental health is in tatters? It would be a herculean task, but thankfully, there is an… Read more »