10814800_SPeople have been hunting ducks and other types of waterfowl for thousands of years, but the art of hunting as evolved dramatically over time. Of course, when people first began hunting ducks, decoys were not used. So just how did the concept of creating a decoy come about? We’re here to go over the history of waterfowl decoys and explain how they have changed hunting in general.

Some of the first decoys to ever be used in North America were created by Native Americans, and they looked different than the decoys we have today. They were made using a variety of materials including wood and cork, and many of them had feathers woven throughout. To make the decoys look even more realistic, people would paint them to look just like a duck, goose, or whatever else they were hunting.

The great thing about these early decoys was how simplistic they were. At the same time, a lot of work and effort went in to making them appear as realistic as possible. That being said, they only had to be good enough to fool ducks, and they certainly got the job done.

The tools and decoys we have today are much more sophisticated, but the idea is still the same. Centuries ago people began figuring out how to best hunt duck, and we continue that tradition today. It will be interesting to see how new tools and technology shape hunting centuries from now. Until then, you can take advantage of some of the high-quality decoys available today on your next duck hunt!

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