When you turn onto the road for Pluck-A-Duck there is a sign that says “where memories are made”, and being this was our first time in Arkansas as well as our first time ever going somewhere other than Illinois to hunt we had no idea what to expect. But during our trip not only did we make memories we will be able to pass down and talk about for years to come, but we gained friends. From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted with smiles and stories and immediately felt at home. The atmosphere of the lodge is just like you were at home, we could hang out in the living room and watch the game, sit around the fire and share hunting stories, or just relax in the kitchen and raid the fridge. During our five day stay we hunted in a field, in a tree house, and anywhere the guides had scouted birds. JD and Chase (& Acey) were our guides and they made the hunting trip more than memorable. It was a trip of a lifetime and is something we will be doing each year and is now going to be our tradition.

We can’t put everything into words but the experiences we had and the memories we made are priceless. Thank you guys for EVERYTHING! {We will get that armadillo next time (=}

Jake & Ashley-Illinois

I am an avid duck hunter having hunted most of my life. My partner (Steve Davis) and I presently have a duck hunting lease near Wynne, Ar where we have had alot of enjoyment and success. However, I recently had the pleasure of going on two duck hunts with Pluck-a-Duck. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.
The food, comradirie, the lodge, professional and courteous staff, and knowledg…

able and experienced guides all contributed to make for two great hunts. It was clear the folks at Pluck-a-Duck were dedicated and committed to making it the best experience and hunt we could have. No matter if the ducks are in timber, rice, bean, or corn fields, they have the knowledge and resources to put you on the ducksl. (Not to mention the afternoon gooseheunts which is a great experience in and of itself.) If you add all this up, it translated to the most enjoyable waterfowl hunts Iwe have ever experienced and we will definitely be back. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a novice beginner, do yourself a favor and join the folks at Pluck-a-Duck for a hunting experience second to none and create some memories to last for a lifetime. Thanks Pluck-a-Duck!
Tim Corn,
Decatur, Al

Watching 10,000 geese doing a tornado over your head is like seeing every goose in the entire world!!! The BEST hunt I’ve ever been on!!

Sandra Bohling-Bludau – Louisiana

Great place to go hunting! Top notch outfitter, great food, great accommodations. The guides are top notch, hard working guys! This is our second year to Plucka-duck and this trip so far six of us has limited on Ducks two mornings in a row and on Specs (Geese) one morning! I strongly recommend these guys to anyone! This is the most Ducks and Geese I have ever seen in one area anywhere!

Scott Mckenzie – Ohio

Had a great time hunting here the past week. The guides were good and the food was great. Just an all around great place.

Jacob Redding – South Carolina

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