huntlg1Last year’s duck hunt in Arkansas was one of the best in recent memory, with hunters seizing more than half a million mallards. This is more than double the next state on the list, which would be Arkansas at a paltry 254,800 mallards. Needless to say, Arkansas is the duck hunting capital of the U.S. and at Pluck A Duck, we’re proud to be the top duck hunting guide and outfitter in the state.

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about how duck hunting is in our blood. Well, the same holds true for all residents of Arkansas; it’s an inexorable part of our identity, which is why it’s great to see that the Arkansas game and Fish commission has approved a 60-day duck hunting season. That means more hunting and more opportunity to cement our place at the top of America’s best duck hunting spots.

According to KATV, “Under the plan approved Thursday, duck season will run from Nov. 21 to Nov. 29, Dec. 10 to Dec. 23 and Dec. 26 to Jan 31. The commission is also considering a proposal to ban spinning-wing decoys in two wildlife management areas: the Bayou Metro in Arkansas and Jefferson counties and the Dave Donaldson Black River area in northeastern Arkansas.”

That is a lot of additional duck hunting for all you avid hunters out there. We suggest you plan accordingly so you don’t miss out on this second chance to get out there in the wild and add to your haul! Contact Pluck A Duck today and book your hunt today!

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