Thanksgiving TableWe are only a couple of days away from Thanksgiving so many of you, or some of you depending on your level of cheer, are bursting at the seams with holiday energy and that means taking a step back from the daily grind and appreciating the little things in your life that make you happy.

As a duck hunter, what are you thankful for? Maybe the beautiful land that you hunt on? The brand new rifle strapped to your back? Or maybe new mechanical duck decoys that can take any duck by surprise? All three are suitable answers, but these mechanical duck decoys known as the Drake Wake have made the news in recent weeks and can be found in just about every duck hunting merchandise store in Arkansas, with many industry leaders calling them a duck hunter’s new best friend.

According to Craig O’Neill of KTHV, “The Drake Wake has a head that goes round and round. Its cousin is a wing shaking decoy that makes it look like its shaking off water. They’re both manufactured at the Banded Mallard Company in Cabot.”

The brainchild of Brandon Turner, the Drake Wake came about after Turner noticed that ducks responded more to the splashing in the water, that they were almost blindly attracted to the ripples in the water. After testing his theory out in the field, the results blew Turner away. The ducks flocked to the Drake Wake. He began manufacturing them and the rest, as they say, is history.

This Thanksgiving, you might want to be thankful for innovators like Brandon Turner who are making duck hunting more efficient and seamless.

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