25442467_SHunting, like everything else in this world, goes in cycles. There might be an increase in a certain type of game animal one year while that same game animal might experience a decrease the next year. Animal and bird populations must be rigorously controlled and that’s why hunters such as yourselves have such important roles to play in the ecosystem, which is why we all must pay attention to hunting stats and game bird populations.

Take the prairie chicken, for instance. They once called Arkansas home; nowadays, not so much. With that said, what does the future hold for birds in Arkansas. Joe Mosby, in this Thecabin.net article, attempts to answer that question.

He writes, “A prediction: Somewhere in the future, doves will come to the forefront in Arkansas in upland bird hunting popularity.” While doves are present in Arkansas, they really aren’t at the top of any hunter’s list. Mosby believes that will soon change and brings up issues of quail restoration efforts and the history of passenger pigeons. Quails, once atop every hunters list, is experiencing a decreasing population and Mosby encourages hunters to go after doves.

As hunters, it is our responsibility to maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem and that means passing on quails and focusing on the doves of the Arkansas. What do you think? Let us know in the comments in the below and, as Mosby writes, “Dove hunting is taken for granted in Arkansas.”

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