15183231_SThere is nothing quite like the experience of hunting duck on a crisp winter day. However, know that things can get pretty cold out there, especially during extended hunts late in the season. Not only is it important to pack the right hunting supplies to nab the perfect duck, but you should also come equipped with the proper gear to stay warm.

When it comes to avoiding the cold, there are quite a few things you can do, most of which involve wearing the right clothes. For example, a simple beanie is invaluable and will work well to keep your ears from freezing. If you are looking for some extra warmth, you could even attach a disposable heating pack to the inside of the hat.

Another useful piece of clothing is a long sleeve shirt, especially ones made from wool. These will keep your arms warm throughout the day, and are best used in conjunction with a thermal base layer and a warm jacket. Of course, make sure you don’t wear so many layers that it is hard to move your arms. You do of course want to be able to move when you spot a duck.

If you are ever hunting in extreme temperatures, you may even want to consider something like a heated body suit. There is also hunting apparel designed for specific weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow.

No matter where you are hunting, you can expect cooler temperatures throughout most of the winter. On some days you may only need to put on an extra layer, but it is never a bad idea to bring some extra clothes on your trip. For more winter hunting tips, keep checking back with the team at Pluck a Duck!

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