huntlg1Any time you go duck hunting, there are many things you have control over. From the quality of your gear to how familiar you are with your gun, it’s up to you to be as prepared as possible. Of course, there are several aspects of duck hunting that you won’t have a say in, including the weather. Precipitation, clouds, and the temperature all play a role in how successful (or not) your hunt may be, and we’re here to go over a few of the most important details.

You may think a warm day with clear skies is optimal for spending the day outdoors, but not exactly when it comes to duck hunting. If the weather is clear, ducks will have no trouble flying from one area to another, which can make it harder for you to track them down. You can overcome this obstacle by studying flight patterns and learning where ducks go during certain times of the day. Their behavior isn’t random, so pay close attention.

On the other hand, dreary days with lots of rain and cloudy skies can work in your favor. First of all, you will be better concealed due to the lack of sunlight, but that’s not the only benefit you will experience while hunting in stormy weather. Ducks tend to stay closer to the ground, not moving as much in the cold and rain. As long as you can stay quiet and locate a group of ducks, you should have no problem hitting your target.

An experienced hunter will be able to make the most of any weather conditions, but keep these tips in mind to increase your odds of having a successful hunt.

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