Hunting in ArkansasAlthough we have just celebrated Christmas, it’s never too early to start planning for the next one, but before we get into that, Happy New Year! We hope you and your family had a festive holiday season and you were able to get away from the daily grind for at least a little bit and focus on the things that really matter in life. Too often we get lost in that flow of life that we lose sight of what’s important. That is why hunting is so valuable to maintaining physical and mental health. It forces you out of that flow and gets you reacquainted with not just the world around you, but also with what is ticking inside you.

The escape from day-to-day stress is a gift that keeps on giving and every hunter is grateful for that, which brings us to what we were talking about above: Christmas 2016. The perfect gift is out there for your kids, especially if you care about instilling in them the joy of hunting. We are talking about lifetime hunting and fishing permits.

Arkansas hunter Lester Steiber was enthusiastic about lifetime permits. The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports, “Sieber recently came by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission headquarters to get his son Casey a present for his 16th birthday, a Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Sportsman’s Permit. This permit includes the state trout permit and waterfowl stamp, and waives the fees for any Game and Fish special hunt permit drawings. It will never expire, even if his son moves out of state.”

What a nice birthday gift for that bourgeoning hunter in your life. You can’t beat that. You really can’t. Although these permits cost around $1000, the permits do pay for themselves, especially with license costs going up every year, but for Steiber, it wasn’t about the money. He has seen his son grow into man with the help of hunting. Not only has he made friends participating with the Junior Olympic Training Program in Colorado Springs, he has also maintained connections with all of them. That is the beautiful thing about hunting; it helps create bonds that time simply cannot break. When thinking about the perfect Christmas gift, consider these lifetime permits!

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