Migration patterns for geese are a favorite topic among outdoorsmen, and with decades of research from biological scientists, we now have a great knowledge of where geese spend the winter months.

Many are well aware that the Gulf Coast off of Texas is a major winter migrational grounds for all species of wild geese migrating south. However, that reality has been changing in recent years. As this report from The Houston Chronicle states, that has plenty of good implications for goose hunters in Arkansas.

Since 1999, the wintering goose population in Texas has fallen swiftly, and currently the region sees nearly 20 percent fewer geese than it did during peak periods during the mid-1990s. This year’s mid-winter estimate of 181,383 geese in Texas migrational grounds is 60 percent fewer than the mid-winter average going back to 1948.

In Arkansas, the outlook for mid-winter geese has been growing much brighter in recent years. A recent survey of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, which runs through the state, found 1.6 million geese wintering in that region. Even more encouraging is the expert belief, cited in the above article, which this estimate is likely a conservative one.

Local stores of grain may be a big reason for this takeoff in Arkansas’ migrational grounds. Rice is a favorite food among geese, and Texas production of this grain reached peak levels of about 600,000 acres during the 1980s, but that’s been falling ever since. Arkansas produces rice on about 1.3 million acres of land, giving geese the opportunity to fatten up.

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