Duck Hunting Most Americans spend something like 95% of their lives indoors. And most Americans get sick because they’re surrounded by other sick people and stale air inside buildings. Not cool.

It’s best to spend time outdoors to maximize your health. Something as simple-yet-fun as a duck hunting trip in Arkansas with Pluck-a-Duck can work wonders for your overall well-being.

The routine of daily existence gets stale. Thank God for those moments when you can break free from routine, get out on the land, take deep breaths of fresh air, and hunt ducks.

Do you remember digging your hands in the dirt when you were a kid? When’s the last time you did that, just for the sake of playing in the mud? Do it and you will feel such glee, abandon and freedom. You’ll feel like you’re cheating on your age with the younger you!

Being outdoors puts your body to the test in good and challenging ways. You have to navigate the land, deciding when and where to go. You get to hike trails. You get to react to things around you, such as ducks or other animals scurrying about a forest or field.

Nature is good for your eyes. It’s nice to be out in the sun, getting Vitamin D, while being able to think about all sorts of things. Outdoor time is time well spent for “me time.” We all need more “me time.”

Sure, you could stay indoors on the couch watching TV shows day and night, but you’re missing out on adventures waiting to happen. Your life is made for living, not just vegetating on a couch watching other people have fun.

Get a group of buddies together and plan a duck hunting expedition with Pluck-a-Duck. Explore places you’ve never been before. See the sunrise or the sunset. Marvel at the different birds overhead. Spend as much time outdoors as possible since it’ll improve your mood and overall well-being. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll literally get to pluck a duck or two.

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