Everyone knows that Arkansas makes for a great hunting grounds for duck, and many regions of the state are chock full of healthy mallards during this time of the year. Duck hunters are a special breed who like to experience a unique getaway, complete with a lodge, cozy atmosphere and lots of camaraderie with other outdoors enthusiasts.

The minute you pull up to the Pluck-A-Duck Lodge, you’ll know that you’re on the brink of a fantastic stay. As the road sign says as you pull down our road, you’re heading to the place where memories are made. As our Testimonials page will show you, a quick stay at our lodge will bring comfort, new friends and a chance to enjoy some of the best duck hunting our country has to offer.

This year, the weather conditions in and around Arkansas are giving seasoned hunters plenty of reasons to be optimistic this year. A lot of cold weather has been hitting the upper Midwest portions of the country, and that usually ends up pushing a lot of ducks south into our waters. As this report from AmmoLand states, cold weather has made this year’s duck migration the earliest this state’s seen since 2009.

2014 Arkansas Goose HuntingOur visitors love our experienced guides, and the successful hunting generally makes repeat guests out of many who attend our duck hunts. Right now, we’ve just entered our final split for ducks, coots and mergansers, which lasts until January 26, 2014. Not only would visitors be able to partake in what is sure to be one of the best dunk hunting seasons in years, but we also have hunts for snow, blue and many other types of goose.

Make this duck hunting season one to remember. With the large bagging limits you can enjoy in Arkansas, the Pluck-A-Duck Lodge will bring you great fun and a fantastic catch. We hope to see you in our neck of the woods soon!

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