Preparing for a Duck HuntDuck hunting is a rewarding activity that requires minimal preparation. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared with a few essentials. If you have any hope that your next duck hunting trip will be a success, make sure you bring along the following items.

You can hunt ducks without decoys, but it can be a much more frustrating experience. In general, you should have a nice supply of decoys available any time you are hunting ducks. In fact, you should have at least a dozen with you, if not more, in order to really draw out some ducks. In addition to decoys, duck calls are pretty much essential. Ducks are very vocal animals, so they likely won’t even come near your decoys unless you call to them. A basic duck calling device should do the trick, as long as it can make a few different types of calls.

Of course, bringing along some of the more typical hunting gear is also a necessity. You should pack a nice set of camouflage, as ducks will be able to easily spot you otherwise. Most importantly, your gear should cover your upper body, and particularly your face. These are the areas that ducks will most often notice, so it is important to cover up and blend in with your surrounding environment.

Having the right gun is also important, and there are a few different options to choose from when it comes to hunting ducks. One of the most popular choices is a 12-guage shotgun, which you can expect to get the job done nicely. Keep in mind that it is illegal to use any shells that contain lead shot.

Bring along this gear and a few other essentials and you will be well on your way to becoming an expert duck hunter!

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