Arkansas Are you starting to plan your next getaway yet? Are you tired of the same old places that you always go to, and looking for something new? Have you considered visiting the great state of Arkansas?

Arkansas, for those of you who have never been here, is bordered by Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, and a little bit of Texas. The Mississippi River runs the length of one of our borders.

And, according to Slate, there are a few other reasons to visit our state, some of which were mentioned at the most recent Republican National Convention.

Arkansas is known as the “land of opportunity,” and has had that designation for many years, starting back in the early 1900s. Though the state’s official slogan today is “The Natural State,” many people still consider it a land full of opportunity, since business is booming. There are lots of manufacturing and tech jobs, as well as government jobs.

We’re known as “The Natural State” due to the unsurpassed scenery, clear lakes and flowing streams, rivers and bayous, forested mountains and abundant fish and wildlife.

Speaking of wildlife: Another thing that was mentioned at the RNC is that Arkansas has the best duck hunting on Earth! We at Pluck-a-Duck couldn’t agree more. Pluck-a-Duck offers unparalleled hunting trips, and have been family owned and operated for many years. We offer over 20,000 acres of private hunting land, and you’ll find everything from the first flights of red leg mallards, to the last huge flocks of Snowgeese and Specklebellies.

Our accommodations include a delicious continental breakfast, a trip out to our property with our trained hunting guides, tons of hunting opportunity, and comfortable lodgings and a hot meal when you return from your trip.

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