19870023_SIf you have ever been out hunting with friends, especially before the dawn, then you have likely ran into the situation of everyone shooting at a particular waterfowl and then claiming it when it does take the shot. It can be impossible to determine who actually got the shot sometimes, especially when you can’t resort to forensic science or you can’t all share the kill since you came from the same home.

That was the reason the new Spectra Shot was created. It was a shot shell meant specifically for killing waterfowl, turkey, and for skeet shooting. They are loaded like a normal shot with a wad, hull and powder, but then they also put a coat over the pellets too. This coating is patented, and is what truly makes the Spectra Shot unique from other types.

The coating is a color that is left as a mark on the bird when it is shot which makes it incredibly easy for identification. The shot color is permanent, but has been approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Services as being non-toxic and leaving no residue. This means your barrel, gun and even the meat of the fowl will not be tainted in anyway with color or any other chemicals by using the special color shot. Even if you aren’t shooting with a bunch of friends you can still find yourself having fun with getting your favorite color to shoot with your shells.

Surprisingly there isn’t just aesthetic advantage when it comes to the shells either. The coating actually adds a little bit of weight, so it could be an adjustment for strong accuracy for some people, but otherwise most of your shots will actually have better impact because of the weight of the coating.

You can find Spectra shot in four different colors currently: Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. They expect more colors are to come soon, but focus has been on branching out from just waterfowl and turkey shot to other areas that could help just as much when it comes to hunting.


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