Duck HuntingHunting is fun and adventurous, as well as a great way to stockpile your freezer with tasty game meat.

As a primal skill dating back to pretty much the beginning of time, hunting has remained a top source for food and competition during prime hunting months.

The debates go back and forth between hunters on the variances of blinds, equipment, skills, and which animals are better to hunt over others. The answers to those questions are personal preferences, but we are particularly fond of duck hunting.

If you have never experienced hunting duck, it’s a great time and untypical of hunting where you sit still in a blind all day. Duck hunting requires movement to new spots, as well as the inclusion of a dog to help you snag a duck once your shot has hit the target.

Below are some additional advantages of duck hunting:

• Duck hunting itself is messy as you are usually in cold and wet conditions for an extended period of time. However, the cleaning, transporting, and preparing process is a lot less messy and gruesome as it is compared to other animals.

• Hunting duck does eliminate some of the boredom that can come with sitting in a blind for up to 10 hours a day. With hunting ducks, you do want to change position and follow the patterns of a duck.

• You can utilize the natural hunting instincts of a dog. When you shoot a duck, you can send your golden retriever or other dog to retrieve it for you. You can’t do this with a heavy buck or bear.

• Ducks don’t pick up on a human’s natural scent the way a deer does for example. You are less likely to be spotted by a duck because they don’t have that strong sense of smell.

Pluck-A-Duck is a great place to start or continue your adventure of duck hunting. We welcome you to take part on a hunt with us.

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