14113552040_e5ef5cbd49_oAny time you venture out on a duck hunting trip you should prepare to have a fun and enjoyable day. No matter how successful you are, duck hunting can be an incredibly fun and exciting activity. Of course, any hunting trip is better when you actually are able to locate, track, and hit the game you’re after. In order to increase your odds of a successful trip you should do your best to avoid some of the most common duck hunting mistakes.

Even the most experienced hunters tend to make mistakes from time to time, especially when it comes to improperly hiding themselves from ducks. You need to remain concealed at all times, as revealing yourself before taking a shot can dramatically decrease your chances of even spotting a duck. A duck can easily detect movement, even something subtle from far away. Once you’ve found an ideal hunting spot, you need to do your best to blend in and not make any sudden movements.

Another common mistake that people make is not doing their research and scouting an area before going out to hunt. You need to find an area that you know ducks will be in at the time you go hunting. Furthermore, you should become familiar with the terrain so you can easily identify landmarks and keep your bearings.

One of the worst things any duck hunter can do is waste their decoys by putting them in the wrong places. Placing decoys in a specific pattern or all of them facing the same direction is generally not a good idea. A more random placement will grant you a better chance of actually tricking a duck and luring one in.

Don’t forget about these easily avoidable mistakes the next time you prepare for a hunt, and for more duck hunting tips and tricks make sure you keep checking back!

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