Hunting TripFor hunting trips, there are several things to consider packing. Since you’ll be out on the land, away from “civilization,” it’s nice to have a backpack of stuff along with you, with essentials like a water bottle and your phone, wallet, and keys in it.

The list of things you could bring to hunt waterfowl varies, but in general, clothing-wise, it’s good to bring a camo baseball cap, shirt, jacket, pants and insulated, waterproof boots. For socks, pack breathable, insulated pairs. If the weather is going to be rainy, bring along a windproof pullover and/or rain poncho. Gloves, long underwear and overalls should be considered, too.

General hunting equipment will include ammo, a blind bag, choke tubes, a gun case/gun sock, hammer and stakes, and a cleaning kit/oil cloth.

Accessories you may or may not want to pack for a hunting trip include binoculars, bug spray, a camera, hand sanitizer/hand warmers, and sunglasses. You’ll probably get hungry while hunting, so pack some high-energy snacks and carry a full water bottle and/or ice with you. It’s important to stay hydrated while hunting.

There are a wide variety of duck calls you could pack, and in order to attract waterfowl, you might need to bring decoys with you, unless they’re supplied by your outfitter, such as Pluck-A-Duck of Arkansas.

For the time when you want to process dead ducks, you’ll need game shears, gutting gloves, processing knives, plastic bags and freezer paper/tape.

One of the advantages of hunting with the guys from Pluck-A-Duck is that you’re with highly trained guides. They’ll be able to make your hunting trip better than if you were to go it alone. Pluck-A-Duck asks hunters to bring ear plugs, a rifle, and whatever else you think you’d like for your adventure. You can call Pluck-A-Duck at 870-588-5608 for specific questions on what to bring versus what the company supplies.


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