Hunting Cabin Hunting cabins can be really sparse or they can be really elaborate, decoration-wise. In general, most men who have hunting cabins don’t tend to put too much time or thought into decorating the place because they’ve got other things on their mind: namely hunting!

That said, men and the women who love them are also known to put some thought and effort into making their hunting cabin in the woods or wilderness look visually inviting and interesting thanks to a variety of decorations.

If you’re the type of guy who likes to hang pictures up on your walls at home, then you can do the same thing for your cabin. And if you’re not, ask “the wife” to do so, and that’s a nice way of including her in your hobby. If you’re a female hunter and you have your own cabin, either you’re going to decorate it yourself, to your liking, or you could ask friends and family to make a day out of decorating the cabin together– a fun way to hang out and get something good done!

Paint-wise, cabins do well with earthy tones of browns, tans, and dark green. It wouldn’t make sense to paint the walls blue, since it’s not the beach. Instead, the colors should match the surroundings. If you’re going to have a rug, go with something brown that doesn’t easily show dirt.

If you have the inclination to add a fireplace to your hunting cabin, consider a brick or stone one, or a wood stove.

Furniture should be “rustic,” so wood and leather work well.

Since it’s a hunting cabin, artworks of animals can be the highlight of the main rooms. If you have antlers to display on the wall, do so. Better yet, if there are animals you’ve personally hunted and killed and had stuffed, proudly display them in your cabin in a prime spot.

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