Hunting AttireFor hunters, the clothing they wear needs to be practical and useful. It’s not a fashion show. Deep pockets are good. Ruggedness works. Hunting is not done in tank tops and flip flops.

Picking out hunting attire involves choosing the right clothing and accessories so you’ll be comfortable enough spending time outdoors in different weather conditions. Generally, it’s good to dress in layers, because mornings are usually cold and afternoons can get hot. Therefore, the base layer should be “long johns” that cling close to the body while wicking away moisture. On top of that layer, you can wear fleece, which is a lightweight, breathable material. Finally, for extreme conditions, you’ll want a layer over that to protect you against wind and rain/snow. Go for a “hi-tech” material to accomplish that.

Besides dressing in layers, so you can always remove items if and when the weather warms up, you should consider hats, gloves and boots for the cold times.

With boots, look for waterproof pairs that look like they can handle any and all terrain. Hunting usually involves splashing through some creeks and streams, so you’re likely to get wet– but with the right boots your feet will stay warm and dry. If you plan on wading in the water, get some waterproof overalls.

Color-wise, hunters don’t look good in fluorescent or brightly-colored clothes, because they stand out too much. Hunters need to look for camouflage clothing that helps them blend in with their surroundings. Typically, camouflage is a combination of green, tan and brown colors.

Finally, whatever you wear is probably going to get dirty. So you don’t want to wear a tuxedo duck hunting, right? Mud, dust, dirt, and grime is part of the fun of hunting, as you become “one with nature” in some ways, so choose clothing and accessories that you don’t mind getting messy.



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