Hunting SnacksThere is no doubt that you will get hungry while out in the wilderness hunting. The sport of hunting is an all encompassing adventure that often starts early in the morning, usually before sunrise, and ends late in the day.

Even though you may not mind be a “sitting duck” for a while, you will certainly get parched and hungry. Mental activity has been linked to increased hunger, so you want to make sure you are stocked with appropriate snacks and beverages.

Remember that you are packing as light and purposeful as possible, which means full meals will likely not be the most convenient option. However, chip bags are not the most nourishing and may leave you feeling tired. Anyone who has ever gone hunting knows that you need to have some stamina in order to make it through the day and be at your best.

So what exactly are good snacks to bring along on a hunt? Here are some options for you to think about.

Power bars or other dense energy bars- these bars are packed with a lot of protein and grain, which are natural ingredients to help fill you and keep you full for longer. There are less sugars in these bars, which can give you quick energy but leave you feeling depleted shortly after.

Beef jerky – probably one of the easiest of snacks to fill your pack with, beef jerky is lightweight, tastes and smells great and is super easy to snack on. You can purchase jerky or you can make a batch beforehand.

Any type of nut – peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews and so forth are healthy, easy to eat and replenish your energy if it is feeling low. You can choose a mix or bring just one type, it’s all based upon preference.

Thirst quenching drinks – Gatorade and other drinks alike help to keep you energized .Make sure you are bringing plenty of water along as well.

If you plan on joining us for a duck hunt, we can help you decide on the most beneficial of snacks to keep you in the game and in the zone of hunting great waterfowl.

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