Slow CookingThe snow goose breeds in Arctic Canada and Greenland, and is one of the most popular bird species for hunters to seek. Although snow goose are known to be a difficult species to prepare and eat, they can also taste great if cooked and paired with the right foods.

Regardless of type, the bird should be cooked carefully to ensure you create that juicy flavor that leaves you clamoring for more.

The first tip in preserving snow goose meat is to remove the feathers that heavily insulate the goose. If the goose is not drawn and cooled right away, residual body heat can cause the meat to spoil.
Two of the best methods to cook snow goose are slow cooked and fried. Slow cooking allows you to preserve the meat and keep all juices locked inside, preventing the meat from drying out. Also, cooking in a crock-pot is a great way to moisturize the meat. You can also lock in any flavors you’re using to boost the taste.

When frying snow goose, you are not interrupting the integrity of the meat by allowing the juices to escape; you are locking them in with a crispy outer layer through a quick cook.

Drying the meat to make it into jerky is also a popular way to cook snow goose. This will take 5 to 7 hours in the oven on low heat to properly dry out the goose meat. When vacuum-sealed, the snow goose meat will last in the freezer for up to a year.

If you want to try your hand at cooking fresh goose meat, Pluck A Duck would love for you to join us on our next hunting excursion.

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