Hunting Etiquette As is the case with most activities, hunters should employ certain etiquette while on the search for game.

See, with hunting, there are certain things that annoy hunters, and when those things happen, it’s simply bad etiquette. If you’re the offending person, you get labelled as such and then no one wants to hunt with you. So here are some “etiquette tips for hunters.”

First, if you find a great spot to hunt and you don’t want the other person to tell every other hunter he or she knows about the spot, make sure you tell them to keep the spot private. All too often, a big mouth broadcasts a great “secret spot,” which then gets overrun by hunters and is no longer the great place it used to be.

Next, don’t leave one hunter to do all the cleaning duties. “We’re all in this together” is the attitude you should take… always.

Also, if you make plans to hunt with someone, don’t “forget” and sleep in, because that’s rude. If you make plans to be ready to go on a certain date at a certain time, you best be packed, loaded with gear, and answering the doorbell or knock on the door when your hunting buddy arrives.

When a bunch of hunters are gunning for the same bird, and you shoot it down but the other hunter thinks they got him, it’s probably best just to let them think they scored and leave it at that, rather than getting into an argument.

Finally, hunters don’t like complainers. Even if you’ve lost your favorite hunting spot, you haven’t seen much game, or the area seems too crowded with other hunters, keep your complaints to yourself instead of souring the whole situation for everybody around you.

Of course, these are things you don’t need to worry about when you hunting with an experience guide. If you’re looking for an exciting hunting adventure, contact Pluck-A-Duck today.

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