Duck HuntingAfter a long day out on the hunt for your next trophy, have you ever stopped to think why it’s so fun to hunt? Everyone might have their own answer to that question, but here are some common reasons most hunters would agree on.

The Challenge

There’s just something about chasing down a big game in an effort to make it your next trophy you hang or place in your home. Sometimes it’s a back and forth game of cat and mouse and other times it’s easy as can be. Regardless of the scenario, setting out to accomplish a goal and achieving it is something that keeps hunters coming back for more trophies and more fun.

Escape from Life

Going out on a hunt is also a nice way to escape from reality. Even if the hunt is only a couple of hours, that time away to some is invaluable. It helps you not only clear your mind but helps you relax in ways other methods can’t.


Being out on a hunt with friends and family is great. What’s even better is the memories you’ll create while you’re out in the wild. Fun times that are just as valuable to some as bagging that next trophy. Having fun is important in life, so why not share fun times with the people you’re close to doing something you all love?

Helping Environment

Some hunters love to do what they can to help the environment. By hunting, they are not only honing their skills and nabbing their next trophy but they could also be helping the local ecosystem. Overpopulation of a species can hurt the environment, so some hunters find value in keeping everything balanced so they’ll have a place to come back and hunt for years to come.

No matter what your reason, if you’re looking to hunt, then come to Pluck-A-Duck Lodge. Located in Wynne, AR, we offer guided duck hunts around our beautiful hunting facility perfect for any hunter. For more information or to book your hunt, call us today at 870-588-5608!

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