This is one of our favorite recipes especially for the geese we take on our Snow Goose Conservation Hunts. We are always looking for ways to use the Arkansas snow geese we harvest. This no limit no plug hunt can provide years worth of meat in one successful snow goose hunt.


1″ cubed breast meat

Brown sugar

Sliced Water chestnuts



1/3 cooking sherry to 2/3 soy sauce

Add 1/5 cup honey to every cup of marinade

Add 1 fresh whole garlic diced or minced

…….marinate breast meat for 4 – 6 hours no longer than 6…. melt honey to mix well with other ingredients….

Take inch cubed breast place 1 water chestnut slice and wrap with a slice of bacon upon a skewer or toothpick.

GRILL on hot flame…. cook to medium RARE

Do not overcook…when bacon is done enough to eat your goose or duck will be perfect.

Remove from skewer and add BROWN SUGAR to your warm meat to create its on glaze. Add to taste.

Enjoy and let Pluck A Duck be your next Arkansas Snow Goose Hunts destination.

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