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Things to Keep in Mind When Duck Calling

If you had told me some years ago a show about duck calls could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue I’d reply, “There’s no way that could happen.” But happen, it did. The A&E cable TV show Duck Dynasty first hit the air in 2012, and has been popular ever since. The show… Read more »

Duck or Goose Rumaki

This is one of our favorite recipes especially for the geese we take on our Snow Goose Conservation Hunts. We are always looking for ways to use the Arkansas snow geese we harvest. This no limit no plug hunt can provide years worth of meat in one successful snow goose hunt. Ingredients 1″ cubed breast… Read more »

America Has Seen A Rise In Waterfowl Population

Duck hunting season for this year is quite promising, as wildlife groups are indicating a large number of waterfowl should be in play. Research and data reports from aerial surveys designed to assess the breeding populations of North America’s 10 most popular duck species estimate a population of 48.4 million birds. These surveys look at… Read more »

A Look at the Snow Goose Species

Snow Geese are one of the many species of geese that are hunted yearly. However, compared to its relatives, there isn’t that much known about the snow goose. Let’s take a look at all there is to know about this species. Up until a few years ago, there was a relatively low population of snow… Read more »


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